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the eazyComputeBox serves as an affordable, compact and effective computer for students in rural parts of India and Africa as with Sunday Pathshaala. It runs our self developed "eazyOS", and can perform all of the tasks of a regular computer, under a price of Rs 2600. Low power consumption 1.8 W to 5.5 W(under load with peripherals) traditional PC(s) 40W to even 600 W, this is achieved because of the use of ARM bases Signal Board Computers, with LPDDR RAM chips, and emms Flash storages. It cost only Rs 1400 for our 'eazy-E-mitra' while other traditional Cabinet PCs can cost up to anywhere from 20000 to 40000rs. It is 12 times more compact than traditional cabinetPCs. Flash Storage: no hard drive crash risk. Also, big hard drive not required for E-Mitra Kiosks. There are less moving parts and no heating issues. It is configurable with 5 SBCs, namely Odroid, Hardkernel, Rasberry Pi, and Orange Pi. Custom Kernel profiles for all SBCs, lower power consumption. Voltage control unit capable to handle even 440 volt power trips, voltage spikes and power fluctuations, common traits is rural areas.

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