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We use the best of modern technologies, and the best of modern ideas to mould the technologies of the future. We use programming languages like-C, Python, Java, Swift, and Kotlin use softwares like 'Android Studio' and 'Xcode', along with online frameworks and API's like Google's 'Firebase' and 'MySQL'. Integrating software with hardware using best of prototyping tools, and CAD designs to develop new solutions to make technology affordable, accessible, and effective.


eazyComputeBox and eazyOS

The team at eazytech started this project in 2014, it serves as an Affordable, Compact, and Effective computer for students in Rural Parts of India and Africa as with Sunday Pathshaala. It runs our self developed “eazyOS”, and can perform all the tasks of a regular computer, under a price of Rs 2600. eazyOS is an Interactive Linux Based OS, using Fedora’s ‘SoaS’ Desktop environment. It has all the functions of a typical OS like Windows or MacOS, but is lightning fast and is trimmed down to a mere 759MB.

eazyApps and Software Solutions

eazyApps such as the Citizen Forum App, was designed back in 2016 for the Government of India. This App can perform multiple functions, all being under a record size of 3.46 MB, to make is accessible for everyone to download. We also have created other apps such as the Bikamp and Appetizer App.

eazySwitch and other Embedded Systems

Stap (easySwitch) is a life saving device, which can control literally any electrical device, wirelessly, remotely or even autonomously. This can be used in Industrial Automation, or anywhere to prevent accidents, it can handle upto 250V, 15A of current, being under a cost of just Rs 650, and can be configured with a range of 1 to 4 channels. This product has been tested in different real life scenarios.

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